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HoverTech International's Morgue Solution

Morgue Solution


Now both safety concerns and space constraints can be addressed with HoverTech’s Morgue Solution, a permanently installed overhead lift and drawer glide system that provides a safer, easier method for moving the deceased. The Morgue Solution changes the transport and placement of a cadaver into the morgue from a potentially injurious situation for several employees to a safe and easy task that can be performed by one person.


Rather than storing the body on stationary shelves, the Morgue Solution employs a drawer glide system for shelving; a body can be placed on any of the pullout shelves from the middle of the morgue. It's very easy to use and to maintain, and no one from the hospital to the funeral home has to manually lift a body again.


By better utilizing the existing space, this system also expands the capacity of the morgue without expanding the size of the room.


More reasons to choose the Morgue Solution:

  • The Morgue Solution is a permanent, one-day installation performed by HoverTech professionals
  • Configuration is customized to fit the available space and needs at each facility
  • Utilizing the Morgue Solution minimizes any potential for damaging the body
  • Lift accommodates up to 600 pounds (with solutions available for greater weight capacities)
  • The cadaver can be placed on shelving of any height
  • It is easy to use and maintain - only one attendant is needed for the safe transfer and transport of cadavers
  • It is compatible with the HoverMatt Air Transfer System for lateral transfers and with the HoverMatt Single-Patient Use as a sling for up to 600 lbs
  • Lift charging system is convenient and easily accessible
  • Pick-up of the cadaver is safe and easy for funeral home personnel

HoverTech prides itself on being innovative and developing products to meet customer needs. If you have a problem and would like to discuss solutions, please give us a call or contact us.

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