HOVERTECH International
HoverTech International’s mission is to meet the need for patient transfer and repositioning solutions with quality products that deliver significant savings to the customer.


Hovertech Stand Up Sling

Stand-Up Sling, Tapered
(includes Torso Belt)

Hovertech Universal Sling with Head Support

Universal Sling with Head Support

Hovertech Patient Specific Standup Sling

Patient-Specific Stand-Up Sling 

Hovertech Patient Specific Full Body Sling

Patient-Specific Full Body Sling

Hovertech Univeral Bath Sling with Head Support

Universal Bath Sling with Head Support

Hovertech Multi-Sling and Walking Harness

Multi-Sling/Walking Harness
(for use with overhead lifts)

Hovertech Walking Harness

Walking Harness
(for use with floor lifts)

HoverTech prides itself on being innovative and developing products to meet customer needs. If you have a problem and would like to discuss solutions, please give us a call or contact us.

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